Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Final(?) Line Count: 3,086

I managed to complete a line count this morning: Not an easy task, as (given my rudimentary knowledge of things cyber) it means manually counting each line. However, it's done.

The bottom line: "Betty" comes in at 3,086 lines.

Actually, there were 3,085 lines; but I added one more during the count. I expect to add a few others now and then, as I find new, neat colours that just have to go in. For example, the other day I found a page of Renaissance colours with a lot of interesting ones: Dead Spaniard, Dying Ape, Elephant's Breath, Beggar's Gray and Gentleman's Gray among others. I'll most likely be adding some of those later, if I can find hex values (or colour samples, from which I can generate hex values using Colorzilla). All of the colours mentioned in the poem now have hex values listed in the Appendix, and I'd like to keep it that way.

For those who enjoy trivia, here are the line counts for each strophe:

S1 (A) = 162 lines
S2 (B) = 251
S3 (C) = 318.5
S4 (D) = 138.5
S5 (E) = 079
S6 (F) = 119
S7 (G) = 160
S8 (H) = 095
S9 (I) = 068
S10(J) = 040
S11(K) = 038
S12(L) = 116
S13(M) = 211
S14(N) = 075
S15(O) = 093
S16(P) = 246
S17(Q) = 015
S18(R) = 184
S19(S) = 317
S20(T) = 137
S21(U) = 015
S22(V) = 083.5
S23(W) = 097.5
S24(X) = 001.5
S25(Y) = 025.5
S26(Z) = 018


  1. You may want to try using Microsoft Excel next time to do the line counts for you (not sure if you tried that already or not). That's how I would have approached it anyhow, since it lets you add multiple sheets to any workbook so you could have had separate sheets for each strophe.

    You've compiled quite an extensive compendium of colour and I must say I'm impressed. A masterful 'Non-Poem' if ever I encountered one. My black (just plain black) hat goes off to you and I shall return frequently to learn more colour names.

    PS - Who is Betty really? Also, I'd love to see what 'Dead Spaniard' looks like. LoL!

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words. "A masterful 'Non-Poem' is high praise indeed from an Anti-Poet like yourself.

    I also appreciate your advice re MS Excel. I've been using WordPerfect 9, which is probably long obsolete; it's supposed to have a word count feature, but for some reason it's not working.

    I've read that Dead Spaniard is a 'pale grayish tan,' but that's not enough info for me to confidently assign it a hex value.

    As for who Betty is: Will Dockery suggested the name, and I loved it because it sounded so ... well, normal, if you know what I mean. The Betty's it makes me think of are Betty Cooper and Betty Rubble.