Friday, November 5, 2010

Penny's Cat is Dead (ss 4-5)


and has fallen asleep and has fallen off its perch
and is finished and has flatlined
and is food for worms and was gathered to its ancestors
and has given up the ghost and is gone
and has gone belly up and has gone bung
and has gone for a burton and has gone into the fertilizer business
and has gone over the Big Ridge and has gone south
and has gone the way of all flesh and has gone to a better place
and has gone to Bone Bayou and has gone to California
and has gone to its reward and has gone to meet its maker
and has gone to the big location in the sky and has gone to the Dirt Disco
and has gone to the Happy Hunting Ground and has gone to the Last Roundup
and has gone to the wall and has gone west

and has got a one-way ticket and has gotten its wings
and has graduated and has handed in its dinner pail
and is history and has hopped on the last rattler
and has hopped the twig and has hung up its tack
and is in Abraham’s bosom and is inanimate
and is inert and is in repose
and is insensate and is insentient
and has joined its ancestors and has joined the angels
and has joined the choir invisible and has joined the majority
and is kaput and has kicked the bucket
and has kicked the calendar and is kissing the dust
and has knocked on Heaven’s door and is late


To view the complete poem, click here.

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