Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Penny's Cat is Dead (ss 8-9)


and was put in the crisper and was put in the hopper
and was quenched and was reformatted
and is reposing and is resting in peace
and is riding the pale horse and has run down the curtain
and has rung down the curtain and was sent to the dirt archive
and is a shroud of clay and has shuffled off this mortal coil
and is six feet under and is sleeping
and is sleeping the big sleep and has slipped its cable
and has snuffed it and is somewhere people are dying to get into
and is sowing the Elysian Fields and is spiritless
and has sprouted wings and has stepped out
and is stiff and is still

and is stone cold and is stone dead
and has stopped living and was struck down
and was struck out by the Big Blue Pencil and has succumbed
and has taken its last bow and was taken out of production
and has taken the big jump and is taking a dirt nap
and is Tango Uniform and is tits up
and is toast and is toes up
and has turned its face to the wall and has turned up its toes
and is unanimated and is wandering the Elysian Fields
and is wasted and is wearing a pine overcoat
and is worm food. Poor Penny,
her cat is dead, and not even red,
so she can’t even have it made into a hat.

George J. Dance
October 2010

[All rights reserved by the author]

To view the complete poem, click here.

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