Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to section added to Penny's Poetry Pages

I've had substantially less free time this week, and the little I've had I've been spending mainly working on the new Penny's Poetry Pages wiki. So I don't have a poem tonight. I decided to write about new developments on the wiki instead.

One part of the wiki that has recently been put together is our How to section: 37 (and counting) articles on topics ranging from How to analyze poetry to How to write a villanelle.

While many of the articles sound aimed at a teenage readership, going on about class assignments and such, I don't think that's a negative in any way. If it gets some new people reading the wiki, that's great; and I don't think the slant will stop anyone else from reading any of the articles, or from profiting from the ones they do read.

A real plus, in my eyes, is that none of the articles duplicate Wikipedia content. 36 of them come from an online How-to wiki (that anyone can edit, all contents Creative Commons) called WikiHow, while I wrote one (on writing metered verse).

If you're interested in looking at the section, here is the link:

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