Saturday, May 4, 2013

In May / F. Sackett

In May

In May, sweet roses scent the air,
And glistening insects dart and blare.
Sweet springtime blossoms far and wide.
Dame Nature leaves stern tasks aside,
To garnish earth with tender care.

This happy month is ever fair;
As all things take the utmost care
To honor God's own Virgin Bride
In May.

At dusk, sweet Aves, heavenly prayer,
Attest men's love and are their share
In praising her, while side by side
Their voices sound to show their pride
In Mary, Queen of all that's fair
In May.

F. Sackett
from Mary Immaculate, 1946

[Poem is in the public domain in Canada]

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  1. It was nice to start the month with a rondeau. I'm not that big a fan of Mary and the Marian poems, but some of them are very pretty, and many of them will be first-time reads to quite a few readers.