Thursday, May 2, 2013

Penny's Top 100 of 2010

The 100 most-visited poems on  The Penny Blog during 2010, ranked in order:

   1. Penny (or Penny’s Hat), George J. Dance
   2. Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction, Wallace Stevens
   3. Mars & Avril, George J. Dance
   4. Esthétique du Mal, Wallace Stevens
   5. Romance Novel, Arthur Rimbaud

   6. Large Red Man Reading, Wallace Stevens
   7. Penny’s OS, George J. Dance
   8. Ganesha Girl on Rankin, Will Dockery
   9. Autumn Song, George J. Dance
 10. Bird Cage / Cage d’oiseau, Hector de Saint-Denys Garneau

 11. The Cup, Duncan Campbell Scott
 12. September Night, George J. Dance
 13. Penny’s OS 2.0, George J. Dance
 14. A Sonnet of the Moon, Charles Best
 15. Vowels / Voyelles, Arthur Rimbaud

 16. Meditations in Time of Civil War, W.B. Yeats
 17. A Meadow in Spring, Tom Bishop
 18. baguette, David Rutkowski
 19. Nebula, Desi DiNardo
20. Fuji-san, George J. Dance

21. A Vagabond Song, Bliss Carman
22. March, George J. Dance
23. The Weary Man, Crystal Matteau
24 .High Flight, John Gillespie Magee, Jr.
25. White Sands Meet the Blue/Green Sea, Jeanne Ames

26. 4 poems, Tom Hendricks
27. In the Garden, George J. Dance
28. December, George J. Dance
29. Lorelei’s Song / Das Loreleylied, Heinrich Heine
30. Only the Lonely, George J. Dance

31. Always There, George J. Dance
32. You Are My Thorn, Kasia Lachowska
33. Puella Parvula, Wallace Stevens
34. To Autumn, William Blake
35. Threat, R.K. Singh

36. Men Made Out of Words, Wallace Stevens
37. Concrete, Ray Heinrich
38. Portrait, Shaun Hull
39. Jumbo Park, Stuart Leichter
40. Remembrance, George J. Dance

41. The Height of Land, Duncan Campbell Scott
42. Plow Sharing, Hieronymous707
43. The Smoker, nounofme
44. I know I am but summer to your heart, Edna St. Vincent Millay
45. Hero, Maureen Dance

46. 1914, Rupert Brooke
47. May, George J. Dance
48. News, A.E. Reiff
49. A Scroll, George J. Dance
50. Maui ‘70, Matt E.

51. Prison, Dave Holloway
52. The Whitening, James D. Senetto
53. Indian Summer, William Wilfred Campbell
54. Sticky Sweaty, rickthecockroach
55. The Hawk, Raymond Knister

56. Knowing, David W. Lewry
57. The Dwarf, Wallace Stevens
58. Ground Zero, Shaun Hull
59. The Anxious Dead, John McCrae
60. S.I.W., Wilfred Owen

61. War is Kind, Stephen Crane
62. Sonny Rollins, Adam Lynn
63. Who Was Here First, David George
64. The Masterpiece of Dawn, Leslie Moon
65. Principia Poetica, Obsidian Eagle

66. Envoy, Ernest Dowson
67. Last Week in October, Thomas Hardy
68. Haiku and triolet, R.S. Mallari
69. A Christmas Greeting, Walt Whitman
70. When Mary the Mother kissed the Child, Charles G.D. Roberts

71. Snow, Madison Cawein
72. Poem with Rhythms, Wallace Stevens
73. The Book of Wisdom, Stephen Crane
74. Autumn’s Orchestra, Pauline Johnson
75. After the Winter, Claude McKay

76. The Gravedigger, Bliss Carman
77. The May Magnificat, Gerard Manley Hopkins
78. Shanghai, David Rutkowski
79. Mistletoe, Walter de la Mare
80. Ghost Yard of the Goldenrod, Bliss Carman

81. Good is Good. It is a Beautiful Night., Wallace Stevens
82. River of My Eyes / Rivière  de mes yeux, Hector de Saint-Denys
83. The Dying Philosopher To His Fiddler, John Drinkwater
84. July, George J. Dance
85. Sagacity, William Rose Benet

86. Boy Remembers in the Field, Raymond Knister
87. Tichborne’s Elegy, Chidiock Tichbourne
88. The Stretcher-Bearer, Robert Service
89. Break of Day in the Trenches, Isaac Rosenberg
90. O Holy Night / Minuit, chrétiens, Placide Cappeau

91. Christmas Bells, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
92. The Oxen, Thomas Hardy
93. The Flute of Spring, Bliss Carman
94. Let No Charitable Hope, Elinor Wylie
95. Minstrels, William Wordsworth

96. The Darkling Thrush, Thomas Hardy
97. Old Christmas, Mary Howitt
98. Things, Aline Kilmer
99. If I should learn, in some quite casual way, Edna St. Vincent
100. Spring Breaks in Foam, Charles G.D. Roberts

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