Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Day / Violet Fane

New Year's Day

As, in a week, alternate days
     Are bright with sun, or dark with storm,
     As some are chill, and some are warm
With southern winds, and sunny rays —

So, in men's lives, the changing years
     Bring mirth or sorrow, joy or pain,
     Some heralded with merry strain.
Some with a passing bell, and tears;

But as those years, that now are gone
     With drooping heads, and folded wings.
     Into the dusk of bygone things.
Resembled not this new-fled one —

So, to the hearts that now are sad,
     May come new hopes of joy and peace,
     So, to the gay, fears lest they cease,
Those joys that made the past year glad,

To thee and me, the uncoin'd hour
     May bring a world of change unguess'd,
     (Save to that love, which in my breast
Blooms like some fair immortal flower).

For thee I wish each coming day
     May bring upon its bosom fair
     Some hidden blessing, and that Care
At its light step may haste away!

And as for me, no greater bliss
     I ask of Time, than that he may
     Bring thy heart nearer mine each day,
And thy lips nearer to my kiss!

Or if, to both, the coming years
     Are bound in equal share to bring
     New pleasures, and new sorrowing,
Take thou the smiles, leave me the tears!

Violet Fane (1843-1905)
from From Dawn to Noon: Poems, 1872

[Poem is in the public domain worldwide]

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