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Penny's Top 100 / 2015

Penny's Top 100
The most-visited poems on  The Penny Blog in 2015:

  1.  Penny, or Penny's Hat, George J. Dance
  2.  Esthetique du Mal, Wallace Stevens
  3.  Last Week in October, Thomas Hardy
  4.  Woodman, Spare That Tree!, George P. Morris
  5.  Autumn, Walter de la Mare

  6.  A Christmas Symphony, Helen Hunt Jackson
  7.  Christmas Eve, Edgar Guest
  8.  Dejeuner sur l'herbe, Edith Sitwell
  9.  In Violet Light, George J. Dance
10.  The Reader, Wallace Stevens

11.  Accompaniment, Hector de Saint-Denys Garneau
12.  Episode of a Night in May, Arthur Symons
13.  Away from Town, Harry Kemp
14.  Last Week of February, 1890, Robert Bridges
15.  It sifts from Leaden Sieves, Emily Dickinson

16.  Young World, Louise Morey Bowman
17.  The World Well Lost, Ethelwyn Wetherald
18.  Autumn, T.E. Hulme
19.  Call Back Our Dead, F.G. Scott
20.  Wind and Silver, Amy Lowell

21.  The Dwarf, Wallace Stevens
22.  Love-songs of the Open Road, Kendall Banning
23.  My November Guest, Robert Frost
24.  Puella Parvula, Wallace Stevens
25.  The Ecchoing Green, William Blake

26.  The Coming of Spring: Madrid, Arthur Symons
27.  Snow, Edward Thomas
28.  Once Like a Light, AE Reiff
29.  On the First Morning of Spring, A.Y. Campbell
30.  Late Snow, J.C. Squire

31.  A Patch of Old Snow, Robert Frost
32.  The Snow Storm, Edna St. Vincent Millay
33.  The Wood-pile, Robert Frost
34.  An Easter Song, Richard Le Gallienne
35.  Blind, Harry Kemp

36.  Bear Mountain Morning, Michael Pendragon
37.  Spoils of the Dead, Robert Frost
38.  Song of a Second April, Edna St. Vincent Millay 
39.  Sonnet (Violets), Alice Dunbar-Nelson
40.  A City Sunset, T.E. Hulme

41.  Large Red Man Reading, Wallace Stevens
42.  The Poplars, Bernard Freeman Trotter
43.  Impressions, Beatrice Redpath
44.  In a Winter Wood, Clinton Scollard
45.  Chaos in Motion and Not in Motion, Wallace Stevens

46.  Lilies and Violets, Mary Gilmore
47.  Song at Summer's End, A.R.D. Fairbairn
48.  Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?, William Shakespeare
49.  Two Tramps in Mud Time, Robert Frost
50.  On a Ferry Passing New York in January, Michael Strange 

51.  Dead Leaves, Ethelwyn Wetherald
52.  father, david rutkowski
53.  April Again, James Lewis Milligan
55.  Morning on the Lievres, Archibald Lampman

56.  Any Woman, Hazel Hall
57.  The Summer Sea, Nathan Haskell Dole
58.  Tell All the World, Harry Kemp
59.  Summer Night, Riverside, Sara Teasdale
60.  Sacrament, Louise Morey Bowman

61.  Shepherd Singing Ragtime, Louis Golding
62.  The night is freezing fast, A.E. Housman
63.  March, Edward Thomas
64.  The Blue Heron, Theodore Goodridge Roberts
65.  Spring in the Shops, Bert Leston Taylor

66.  Summer Schemes, Thomas Hardy
67.  Autumn Dawn, Charles Hamilton Sorley
68.  This Lane in May, David Morton
69.  April Aubade, Sylvia Plath
70.  Beloved, Govinda Krishna Chettur

71.  Purple, Glenn Ward Dresbach
72.  She Sleeps Tight, Will Dockery
73.  The Falling of the Leaves, W.B. Yeats
74.  Garden, H.D.
75.  Bird Cage, Hector de Saint-Denys Garneau

76.  Dirge, Helen Dudley
77.  Summer Rain, John Davidson
78.  September 1913, W.B. Yeats
79.  As We Go On, Maxwell Struthers Burt
80.  The Soul of Summer, Edward Sapir

81.  Velardena Sunset, Grace Hazard Conking
82.  A Pastoral, Robert Hillyer
83.  The May Tree, Radclyffe Hall
84.  Twenty-old and Seven-wild, Annie Campbell Huestis
85.  In the Fields, Charlotte Mew

86.  June Rain, Richard Aldington
87.  September Idyl: In the hammock, Arthur Symons
88.  The Poet's Hat, Robert Fuller Murray
89.  October, Ethelwyn Wetherald
90.  Lines in Late March, John G. Neihardt

91.  Lady of Autumn, C.F. MacIntyre
92.  If Winter Remain, Clark Ashton Smith
93.  October, Robert Frost
94.  The Intruder, Grace Stone Coates
95.  Adlestrop, Edward Thomas

96.  Toward Evening, Margaret DeLaughter
97.  One Day in May, Clinton Scollard
98.  The Battle of Blenheim, Robert Southey
99.  Ode: Autumn, Thomas Hood

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