Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pilgrim Summer / Michael Pendragon

Pilgrim Summer

When marigolds cast miniature suns,
Fleck Apollonian fields with burnished gold
Where bluebells bob and dandelions lunge
At Summer bees when budding leaves unfold
Julyean resplendence, green as lizard eyes
Or lunar moths on apple orchard bough;
While choruses of laughing birds reprise
The carefree bray of horses when the plough
Hangs cobweb-riddled on the stable wall –
Then do I take the dusted country road
Through rambling towns whose names I can't recall
Hewn from the pilgrim trees in days of old
That journeyed west to watch the sun descend
Beneath the grand Pacific's crested wave –
Nor do I care what lies beyond the bend
Or 'neath which patch of sky I'll make my grave.

When catfish splash the cedar-scented creek
And junebugs speck each violet and vine
'Round secret ponds where painted turtles seek
Some sunpatched perch the overhanging pine
Have overlooked when spreading thistled shade
In shredded blankets cool as April nights –
I roam in barefoot splendor through the glade
Send wayward stanzas bursting with delight
On robin wings to the touch the gold-rimmed clouds –
The lazy road meanders by a grove
Where acorn trees swap tales with spruce, while proud
And mighty oak and elder prove
The wisdom of an afternoon's repose
When thoughts suspend and sunburned hours plod,
Then only the blue-flanneled scarecrow knows
That 'mid these scrolling hills once walked a god.

Michael Pendragon, 2015

[All rights reserved by the author - used with permission]

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