Saturday, January 21, 2017

America: A poem / Michael Pendragon

America: A poem

Celebrating the inauguration of our country's 45th president,
Donald J. Trump

Two hundred forty years ago
Our country’s fathers raised the cry
Of "Freedom!" till it shook the sky
And rocked the world below

Two hundred thirty thousand men
Took up their arms and took a stand
And drove the redcoats from our land
Then raised their cry again

To forge a nation bold and free
Where passion swelled with ev’ry breath
Demanding Liberty ... or death
Their freeborn destiny

With thirteen stripes and thirteen stars
Our country’s flag caught ev’ry breeze
As Freedom spread her canopies
O’er this great land of ours

Two hundred forty years and more
Our fathers lived and worked and died
And raised that symbol of our pride
In times of peace ... and war

We opened wide our country’s door
“Give us your poor” became our creed
We gave to foreign lands in need
Till we could give no more

Now I stand tall with head held high
And place my hand above my heart
And feel a joyful teardrop start
Each time our flag goes by

Though some might greet these words with scorn
Or burn our flag in "freedom's" name
And twist our history to shame
This land where I was born

Their braying only demonstrates
The volume of their hollow words
For even mules might still be heard
In these United States

Today we usher in an age
Where Liberty's triumphant roar
Shall thunder as in days of yore
Till despots fear her rage

Let Freedom ring throughout the lands
Embracing everyone it meets
On North Korea’s goosestepped streets
Or Syria’s blood-drenched sands

Let terror’s minions cow’r in fear
Beneath the Eagle’s outstretched wings
Though cracked and worn our bell still rings
Its song for all to hear:


Michael Pendragon, 2016
[All rights reserved - used with permission]

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