Friday, February 2, 2018

Penny's Top 100 of 2017

The 100 most-visited poems on  The Penny Blog during 2012:

  1. The Reader, Wallace Stevens
  2. Esthetique du Mal, Wallace Stevens
  3. Winterworld Descending, Will Dockery
  4. Easter Evening, James Church Alvord
  5. Penny (or Penny's Hat), George J. Dance

  6. The Branch, AE Reiff
  7. April Madness, Charles Hanson Towne
  8. Easter Ode. Paul Laurence Dunbar
  9. There was a Time, George J. Dance
10. Winter Heavens, George Meredith

11. Evil / Le Mal, Arthur Rimbaud
12. Le Sacre du Printemps, W.J. Turner
13. April Fool's Day, Will E. Cowles
14. A Little Madness in the Spring, Emily Dickinson
15. I So Liked Spring, Charlotte Mew

16. Dirty Spring, Edward Sapir
17. Spring Morning, A.E. Housman
18. March, William Morris
19. The Housewife: Winter Afternoon, Karle Wilson Baker
20. March (O Wind of March), J. Ashby-Sterry

21. March in Tryon, Florence D. Snelling
22. February (Saint Valentine), J. Ashby-Sterry
23. To the Same (Philoclea), Robert Potter
24. Return of Spring, Pierre de Ronsard
25. Awake thou Spring, Thomas Campion

26. To a Fair Young Lady, Going out of Town, John Dryden
27. Canadian Folk-Song, William Wilfred Campbell
28. A Game of Chess, Mortimer Collins
29. Sonnet for the 14th of February, Thomas Hood
30. The Bright Extensive Will, AE Reiff

31. Rondeau: An April Day, W.M. McKeracher
32. April (An April Day), J. Ashby-Sterry
33. October, Margaret Veley
34. Premonition, George J. Dance
35. February in Rome, Edmund Gosse

36. February, Ralph Hodgson
37. Last Week in October, Thomas Hardy
38. Six O'Clock, Trumbull Stickey
39. The Dwarf, Wallace Stevens
40. A May Song, Violet Fane

41. For Christmas Day, Charles Wesley
42. Ode, Richard West
43. I would I were the glow-worm, Mathilde Blind
44. May (A Private View), J. Ashby-Sterry
45. A Winter's Tale, D.H. Lawrence

46. Chaos in Motion and Not in Motion, Wallace Stevens
47. The Sonnet, George J. Dance
48. January, William Carlos Williams
49. watching dali paint the iridescent sky, John Sweet
50. Mother o' Mine, Rudyard Kipling

51. London in July, Amy Levy
52. The Haunted Palace, Edgar Allan Poe
53. December ('Neath Mistletoe), J. Ashby-Sterry
54. Autumn, Kalidasa
55. A Miracle, George J. Dance

56. Autumn, T.E. Hulme
57. Autumn Twilight, Harry Kemp
58. Autumnal, Ernest Dowson
59. New Year's Ode to Liberty, James G. Percival
60. Dulce et decorum est, Wilfred Owen

61. October (Once More at Home), J. Ashby-Sterry
62. January (Upon the Ice), J. Ashby-Sterry
63. Lying in the Grass, Edmund Gosse
64. I Like Canadians, Ernest Hemingway
65. With a Copy of Herrick, Edmund Gosse

66. Blow, blow, thou winter wind, William Shakespeare
67. Dialogue of the Earth and Flower, Richard Oakley
68. Bird Cage, Hector de Saint-Denis Garneau
69. Good King Wenceslas, John Mason Neale
70. A Song for New Year's Eve, William Cullen Bryant

71. Snow, Louis MacNeice
72. November in the Park, Dorothy Dudley
73. The Dyke, John Frederic Herbin
74. Only a Dad, Edgar Guest
75. June in the City, John Reed

76. Why the War?, John Gould Fletcher
77. Christmas Trees, Robert Frost
78. In a Garden, Radclyffe Hall
79. June, Margaret Deland
80. Letter in November, Sylvia Plath

81. Dusk in June, Sara Teasdale
82. There is strange musick in the stirring wood, William Lisle Bowles
83. Summer Days, Wathen Call
84. September (A Foreign Tour), J. Ashby-Sterry
85. Inaugural Poem, Richard Oakley

86. November (A London Fog), J. Ashby-Sterry
87. Bavarian Gentians, D.H. Lawrence
88. An Indian Summer Day on the Prairie, Vachel Lindsay
89. On Summer, George Moses Horton
90. October, John Reed

91. August in the City, Charles Hanson Towne
92. A Dream in November, Edmund Gosse
93. The Christmas Night, Lucy Maud Montgomery
94. A Song of Autumn, Rennell Rodd
95. October, Edward Thomas

96. Winter, Samuel Johnson
97. Card Game, Frank Prewitt
98. The woods shake in an ague-fit, Mathilde Blind
99. June (In Rotten Row), J. Ashby-Sterry
100. In a September Night, F. Wyville Home

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