Friday, May 21, 2010

Like a Hundred Flowers

Today I was updating the blog's Poetry and Verse Archive, adding the newest entry (Dr. R.K. Singh's Midnight Cry). It took me some time to scroll down to 'S', time in which it hit me just how much the Archive page has changed over April and May.

Back in February, when I began the archive, there were only two poets listed: Wallace Stevens and I. March raised that number to eight, sharing 41 poems among them. The poetry has more than doubled since then, with 30 poems added in April, and another 15 so far this month.

The change in the number of poets was even more dramatic.The April magazine project last month more than tripled that number, bringing 26 new poets to the blog. ("New" in more than one sense of the word: these 26 are writing contemporary poetry, and their work will no doubt be new to most readers.) A further 5 poets have been represented in May.

A neat bonus from the changes to the page has been the improved access to Wallace Stevens's Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction. The 32 parts of that magnum opus were added in February, and make up the complete blog archive for that month. Since the Archive page was created in February, the "Blog Archive" appearing on its lower left is the linked table of contents for "Notes" -- which has now, with the growth of the Poetry and Verse Archive, become an integral part of the latter.

The diference in the page is amazing. It's as if a hundred new flowers had suddenly bloomed in a previously sparse bed. As new, as different, and as beautiful in its own right. I'd urge all readers to visit the Archive page and enjoy these changes for themselves.

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