Sunday, May 6, 2012

The May Queen / Marie Fischer

The May Queen

She wears sunlight in her hair
And violets in her eyes
And her cheeks are the petals of a rose.
She bears Love on her arm
And lilies are her feet,
And they carry Life wherever she goes.

There are graces on her lips
And rainbows on her robes
And her wreath is the coronet of May.
She is Fairy Queen of earth -
The wand at her heart
Is a Bud from the Triune Bouquet.

She is Mother, Queen, and Maid,
And God is her Child,
And her Courts are the meadows where They play
Forever and for aye.
She is Mary full of grace.
She is Queen of Eternal May.

Marie Fischer
from Our Lady's Praise in Poetry, 1944
(from the website Marian Poetry

[All rights reserved by the author's estate - Please do not copy]

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