Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Penny / George J. Dance (S 1)

or Penny's Hat

Penny has a good hat.
It's a Red felt hat.
It isn't Abacab or Abacus
or Abbey or Abe Lincoln's Hat
or Abenakee or Abracadabra
or Absinthe Green or Absinthe Yellow
or Abstract Blue or Acacia
or Academy Blue or Acadia
or Acajou or Acajou Red
or Acanthe or Acapulco
or Accede or Acier
or Ackermann's Green or Aconite Violet
or Acorn or Acropolis
or Acutin Blue or Adamia
or Adams Gold or Addled
or Adelaide or Aden
or Admiral or Adobe
or Adrianople Red or Adriatic
or Adust or Aegean Mist
or Aeneous or Aero
or Aero Blue or Aesthetic Gray
or Affair or Afficionado
or Afghan or Afghan Red
or Afghan Tan or African
or African Brown or Afterburner
or Afterglow or Agate
or Agathia Green or Ageratum Blue
or Ageratum Violet or Air Blue
or Air Castle Blue or Airedale
or Air Force Blue or Airway
or Airy Cream or Akaroa
or Akbar or Alabaster
or Alabaster Tint or Aladdin's Lamp
or Alamo or Alamo à la Mode
or Alaska or Albescent White
or Albicant or Albugineous
or Alcanna or Alcazar
or Alderney or Alert Tan
or Alesan or Alexandria Blue
or Alfalfa or Alfresco
or Algae Green or Algerian
or Algerian Red or Algiers Blue
or Algonquin or Alhambra
or Alibi or Ali Black
or Alice Blue or Alizarin
or Alkermes or Allegro
or Alligator Alley or Alloy
or Allports or Allure
or Alluring or Allusive
or Almond or Almond Blossom
or Almond Cream or Almond Frost
or Alo Alo or Aloe
or Aloha Aquamarine or Aloma
or Alpaca or Alpine
or Alter Ego or Altitude
or Alto or Aluminum
or A-maize-ing Iowa or Amaranth
or Amaranth Cerise or Amaranthine
or Amarna or Amarylis
or Amazon or Amber
or Amberglow or Amber Gray
or Ambergris or Amber Waves of Grain
or Amber White or Ambrosia
or Ambulance or Amelia
or Amelie or American Beauty
or American Green or Americano
or American Rose or America the Blue-tiful
or Amethyst or Amethyst Smoke
or Amish Green or Amour
or Amparo Blue or Amparo Purple
or Amulet or Anamite
or Anatolia or Anatta
or Anchor Gray or Ancient Red
or Andorra or Andover Cream
or Andover Green or Android Green
or Anemone or Anemone Green
or Angel Wing or Anglaise
or Angora or Aniline Lilac
or Aniline Yellow or Animal Rouge
or Anise or Annapolis
or Annotto or Antelope
or Antimony Yellow or Antique Brass
or Antique Brown or Antique Bronze
or Antique Drab or Antique Fuchsia
or Antique Gold or Antique Green
or Antique Red or Antique Ruby
or Antique White or Antwerp Blue
or Antwerp Brown or Antwerp Red
or Anzac or Apache
or Aphrodisiac or Aphrodite
or Apple Blossom or Apple Fallow
or Apple Green or Apple Red
or Apricot or Apricot Cream
or Apricot Ice or Apricot Sherbet
or Apricot White or Apricot Yellow
or April Sky or Aqua
or Aqua Blue or Aqua Forest
or Aquagreen or Aqua Haze
or Aqua Island or Aquamarine
or Aqua Queen or Aquarium
or Aqua Sky or Aqua Spring
or Aqua Squeeze or Arab
or Arabella or Arabesque
or Arabian Brown or Arabian Red
or Araby or Aragon
or Arawpawa or Arbor Green
or Arbutus or Arbutus Pink
or Arcadia or Archel
or Archive Gray or Archway Gray
or Arctic or Arctic Blue
or Ardoise or Argali
or Argent or Argentina
or Argus Brown or Argyle Purple
or Arizona or Armada
or Armadillo or Armeniacus
or Armenian Blue or Armenian Bole
or Armenian Red or Armenian Stone
or Army Brown or Army Green
or Arno Blue or Arnotto
or Arona or Arrowtown
or Arrowwood or Arroyo Red
or Arsenate or Arsenic
or Art Brown or Artemesia Green
or Art Gray or Art Green
or Arthouse or Artichoke Green
or Artifact or Artillery
or Artisan Green or Ascot Tan
or Ash or Ashanti
or Ash Brown or Ashen Lavender
or Ashes of Rose or Ash Rose
or Asian Jute or Asmalte
or Asparagus or Aspen Green
or Asphalt or Asphodel Green
or Aspiring or Aster
or Asteroid or Astra
or Astral or Astronaut
or Athenia or Athens Gray
or Atlantic or Atlantis
or Atmosphere or Atoll
or Atom or Atomic Tangerine
or Atonement or Atramentous
or Atrocyaneous or Atroherbaceous
or Atrous or Attar of Roses
or Aubergine or Auburn
or Aubusson or Au Chico
or Aucuba or Aureolin
or Auricula Purple or Aurora
or Aurulent or Aurum
or Australian Mint or Australian Pine
or Auteuil or Authentic
or Autumn Brown or Autumn Glory
or Autumn Green or Autumn Leaf
or Autumn Oak or Autumn Tan
or Avalanche or Avant Garde
or Avellaneous or Aviator
or Avignon Berries or Avocado
or Avon or Awash
or Awesome or Awning Red
or Axis or Axolotl
or Ayers Rock or Azalea
or Aztec or Aztec Maroon
or Azuline or Azure


  1. George, I like the wide scope of your poetry. It is very interesting although I not sure what you are up to. I guess now that I am following you, I will find out.


  2. I'm not sure where I'm going with the blog myself. The main idea was just to have a place to archive "Betty." I've been posting on usenet for a couple of years, but something so large wouldn't have fit there.

    I'd like to have the blog become a a poetry archive where people can find things they can't easily find elsewhere on the net. I don't want it to end up as a vanity blog that no one but me reads.

    That's why I'm posting so much Wallace Stevens poetry, which I'm planning to do more of in the next couple of months. I'll be posting two of his longer poems over February and March, and nothing else (the same way I did "Betty") so that the blog archive for each month is that full poem. As a bonus, that gives me a chance to reread some of my favorites and discover a couple I've never read before.

    I'd like to do more of that with other of my favorite poets (in the public domain, of course) in the future.

    The other thing I'd like to do is introduce contemporary poets to some new readers, so I've started asking people to submit a poem. I'm planning to publish those, again in a self-contained monthly archive, in April as a National Poetry Month project.

    I've looked at your blog, since I got your comment, and I'd be very honored to publish one of your poems as part of that April project. It can be a new one, but doesn't have to be; one of your favorites from your own blog would be fine. Of course I'd include a link to Cassiopeia Rises as well.

    If you're interested, please reply here or email me at