Thursday, March 4, 2010

Always There / George J. Dance

Always There

I never got you all the things I could've
Or gave you all the loving that I should've,
But you were with me with each breath of air.
What made me live was: You were always there.

I'd stay at work to close another deal, dear,
Then get home late to miss another meal, dear,
And you'd be sleeping; but I'd say a prayer
Of thankfulness that you were always there.

That's why I can't believe it now, believe me.
I never thought that you would ever leave me.

I cannot understand why you must go now,
But have to face it – everyone says so now.
All I can do is know that if, somewhere,
There is a heaven, you are always there.

George J. Dance

[All rights reserved by the author - Used with permission]


  1. Passion in every line, I can feel the longing.

  2. R.S. Mallari (Haiku & triolet, April 2010) is the publisher of POEMS about LOVE and LIFE (on Betty's BlogRoll).

  3. Just sent a copy to Henry Conley to see what he thinks of adapting it to song.