Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

A Happy Canada Day to one and all, and a happy midsummer. Note the Canadian flag in the left-hand column; it marks the fact  we're now in the Canadian search directory, Canadian Planet; but it also makes a nice touch for the day and month.

I was in a bit of a dilemma over what to post today (the first day that, "Betty's OS" being completed, I could go back to posting whatever poetry I wanted). The problem was there were two good candidates, both of which deserved to go on for extrinsic as well as intrinsic reasons.

On usenet I got into the habit of posting a Great Canadian Poem every year: a famous Canadian nature poem, usually by one of our Confederation Poets That's a tradition I was looking forward to bringing to TBB. I was also hoping to build on it a bit: there are many great Canadian nature poems, and I was thinking about devoting the month to them, in the main.

 OTOH, I had the latest in my monthly series of tercets, "July", to post as well. I'd had to skip "June," due to reserving that entire month for "Betty's OS," and I didn't want to skip two months in a row; nor did I want to crowd two different poems into today.

Last night I decided. "July" involves fireworks, and today is our day for fireworks; but the USAmerican day is Sunday the 4. So I'll publish that one on that day. That'll be a nice touch, to involve a second country and its readers. (A third, really, since the poem's to be illustrated with a fireworks scene from Australia.) That leaves today free for a Great Canadian Poem -- so on to it without more ado.

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