Friday, July 30, 2010

shanghai / David Rutkowski


its symbol is a tower
a pot-bellied buddha
a syringe
injecting the sky
with confidence
it reminds me of chicago
if chicago had a heart
drenched blue with soy
it makes me think of the chinatown
paris dreams of having
so instead of croque-monsieur
one searches out the xiaolongbao
steamed by a storefront
no larger than a good-sized prison cell
which attracts yet another adventure capitalist

china – hateful rich aunt
maybe someday mental gymnasts
will make her smile
and she will include us in a will
she knows will never be needed
for the world will not end

David Rutkowski
Taiwan, 2010

author's note: xiaolongbao are doughy dumplings steamed in a small bamboo basket. The best can compete with anything in the world's cuisine.

[All rights reserved by the author - Used with permission]

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