Monday, September 13, 2010

ground zero / shaun hull

ground zero

i seem to remember
a sunroof sky
full of kanji and silk
wisteria dancing across the wind
my daughter laughing in that so saturated face
as friend and i sit down to our morning game
i swore i would take advantage of his saki rejuvenation

i seem to remember
the taste of my wife's lips
so sweet a touch of harmony
quickly replaced by the happy wet kiss of my child
giggling so to almost annoy
this fierce competition

my new pocket watch stating
with such fine western precision
you have time to champion
it's only

i seem to remember
wind chimes singing to laughter
and graceful chatter
rising so near to cacophony
in anticipation of movement

a whirl and rash
of mans humanity

i seem to remember
a distant sound of wings
floating across an eastern sky
and eyes squinting to see

to my child suddenly
turning white

the brightest white
the hottest white
the darkest white

i shall never see

i can't seem to remember
where i left my soul

i think it's where my shadow
left a halo
burned into the ground

(shaun hull)

[All rights reserved by the author - Used with permission]

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