Saturday, November 6, 2010

Penny's Cat is Dead (ss 2-3)


and is bygone and is a cadaver
and is cadaverous and was called to higher service
and is a carcass and has carked it
and has cashed in its chips and has ceased to be
and has ceased to breathe and has ceased to live
and has checked in to the Wooden Waldorf and has checked out
and is checking out the grass from underneath and has closed its eyes
and is cold and has come to an end
and has come to dust and is cooking for the Kennedys
and is a corpse and is counting worms
and has croaked and has crossed the bar
and has crossed the bridge and has crossed the Great Divide
and has crossed the Styx and is cut off

and has danced the last dance and is dead as a doornail
and is dead meat and is the dear departed
and is deceased and is defunct
and is demised and is departed
and is done for and is done like dinner
and is doomed and is Down Under
and is dozing and has dropped off
and is dust and is eating a dirt sandwich
and has entered into Heaven and is erased
and is exanimate and is an ex-cat
and has expired and is expunged
and is extinct and is extinguished


To view the complete poem, click here.

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