Thursday, November 4, 2010

Penny's Cat is Dead (ss 6-7)


and was launched into eternity and has left
and has left the building and is lifeless
and is liquidated and is living-impaired
and has lost its life and has mailed in its warranty card
and is marinating in soil and is metabolically challenged
and has met its maker and has met the Grim Reaper
and has met the King of Terrors and is at Morrison Hotel
and is mortified and has moved into upper management
and is no longer alive and is no longer with us
and is no more and is nonexistent
and is nonliving and is not alive
and is not existing and is not living
and is offed and is off the hooks

and is on the road to nowhere and is out of its misery
and has paid its debts and has paid the piper
and has paid the ultimate price and has passed
and has passed away and has passed in its alley
and has passed on and has passed over Jordan
and is past and has pegged it
and has pegged out and is in Pet Sematary
and has perished and has permanently retired
and has picked up its harp and is pining for the fjords
and has popped its cogs and has popped off
and is pulseless and is pushing up daisies
and is pushing up parsley and is pushing up posies


To view the complete poem, click here.

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