Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Counting down Penny's Top 100

      For the next ten days, I'll be taking a short break from posting poetry. I need one. I've posted a poem every day for the past two months, with great results in attracting new readers to The Penny Blog.  Penny and I wish to assure those new readers, and our other regulars, that there will be no shortage of poetry to read over this time. Here is what we will be doing:
      Those who know me know that I'm a chart person; I have been since I was a lad, sitting at the transistor copying down the top 40 every Saturday. Last May I began making a chart here -- Penny's Top 20 -- covering the most-read poems on  The Penny Blog each month; the idea being to bring new titles to readers who might be unfamiliar with them. That idea included a Top 100 of the year in January, a time that has now arrived. 
      I expect, though, that merely giving a list of 100 poems would cause many readers to just skim, or even skip, it. That's what I'd do. And so we're going to count it down, just like a top 40 station. Each day for the next ten days, we will present a live-linked list of ten poems, starting with 91-100 and finishing with 1-10 in ten days. 
      Readers are encouraged to pick one poem from the ten, click through, and read. I hope that each list has at least one new poem for everyone. If you find and would rather read an old favourite, though, that is fine with us. Our only hope is that  you enjoy the countdown. 

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