Thursday, April 21, 2011

Conjuror / Michael G. Munoz


I can wait no longer
I mix your powders
Red and green
Gold and deep brown
Mix with smoke
With fire, with sandalwood
I conjure you
An apparition
To sit on my bed
Sit at my feet
I mix your powders
Into fine grains
I imagine your dark eyes
The thin amber dress you wear
I conjure you
And the oil
And the salts
Become your lips
Your cheeks
Your face
The incense swirls
Twists in the draft
It is you
Alive, dancing,

Here I work an old magic
Forming you
Delivering you
I count out stars
Throw them
Into the folds of your body
Into the tangle of your hair

In my eyes
There you linger
Near a window
By a mirror
I put the whisper in your mouth
The heave in your breast
I conjure you
You are here now
Almost to touch
Almost to kiss

The immeasurable lightness of joy

Michael G. Munoz
February 2011
California, U.S.A.

[All rights reseerved by the author - Used with permission]

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