Friday, April 8, 2011

Daily News / George J. Dance

Daily News

I don’t want to look at the news today
But I don’t want to talk – No, I’m not okay,
There’s nothing to say, just go away –

So I stay head down in a corner booth
And I stare at the daily lies and truth
And I read: One charged in death of youth.

There’s a picture of you, so fly, so cool,
So in control, so nobody’s fool,
Big grin on your face, big idiot drool,

You hide beside your shyster guy
In a rented suit and a borrowed tie,
And I want to spit and I want to cry:

Badass motherfucker, hide behind your cool shades
– Cut a man for stepping on your blue suedes –
Fuck you, bitch, you ought to feel your own blades.

Better escape and run, boy, run,
’cause you had a knife, but I got a gun
And you fucked with me when you cut my son.

George Dance
November 2009
Ontario, Canada

[All rights reserved by the author - used with permission]

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