Friday, May 13, 2011

A Road Song in May / Francis Sherman

A Road Song in May

O come! Is it not surely May?
The year is at its poise today.
Northward, I hear the distant beat
Of Spring’s irrevocable feet;
Tomorrow June will have her way.

O tawny waters, flecked with sun,
Come; for your labors all are done.
The gray snow fadeth from the hills;
And toward the sound of waking mills
Swing the brown rafts in, one by one.

O bees among the willow-blooms,
Forget your empty waxen rooms
Awhile, and share our golden hours!
Will they not come, the later flowers,
With their old colors and perfumes?

O wind that bloweth from the west,
Is not this morning road the best?
— Let us go hand in hand, as free
And glad as little children be
That follow some long-dreamed-of quest!

Francis Sherman
From Canadian Calendar: XII Lyrics, 1900

[All rights reserved by the author's estate - Please do not copy]
Francis Sherman (by George Dance)

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