Sunday, June 12, 2011

Elixir (Dance Mix) /
Crystal Matteau & George J. Dance

Elixir (Dance Mix)

Life is but a dance in time
When laughing music fills the air
And sweet melody your mind.

What is greater than the beat
Of the drum? – this heartfelt rhythm,
Leading partner of desire.

Fret not if your feet falter,
You can always find the rhythm:
Listen for the melody.
Let your heart echo the beat.
Find the hidden harmony.

Touch the notes moving, gliding,
Let them sing this time inside you.
Hear them, they are all you have.
Taste them, for they are sublime.
Know them, for they will endure.

Crystal Matteau & George J. Dance
from Doggerel, and other doggerel, 2015

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