Saturday, March 3, 2012

The winter eve is clear and chill / Christopher Brennan

The winter eve is clear and chill;
the world of air is folded still;
the quiet hour expects the moon;
and yon my home awaits me soon
behind the panes that come and go
with dusk and firelight wavering low;
and I must bid the prompting cease
that bids me, in this charmed peace,
– as though the hour would last my will –
follow the roads and follow still
the dream that holds my heart in trance
and lures it to the fabled chance
to find, beyond these evening ways,
the morning and the woodland days
and meadows clear with gold, and you
as once, ere I might dare to woo.

Christopher Brennan, 1906
from Poems, 1913

[All rights reserved by the author's estate - Please do not copy]

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