Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Penny's Top 20 / December 2013

Penny's Top 20

The most-visited poems on  The Penny Blog in December 2013:

  1.  Night (Fall), George J. Dance 
  2.  Penny's OS 2.0, George J. Dance
  3.  Esthétique du Mal, Wallace Stevens
  4.  Last Week in October, Thomas Hardy
  5.  A City Sunset, T.E. Hulme
  6.  The Christmas Silence, Margaret Deland
  7.  The Blue Heron, Theodore Goodridge Roberts

  8.  Ode to the West Wind, Percy Bysshe Shelley

  9.  Christmas Song, Bliss Carman

December, John Davidson

11.  December, Christopher Pearce Cranch
 Penny (or Penny's Hat), George J. Dance
13.  Petit the Poet, Edgar Lee Masters
14.  In a drear-nighted December, John Keats
15.  A Christmas Carol for 1862, George Macdonald

16.  December, John Clare
17.  A Christmas Lullaby, John Addington Symonds

18.  Christmas Morn, Thomas D'Arcy McGee
19.  Autumnal Sonnet, William Allingham

20.  Bells Across the Snow, Frances Ridley Havergal

Source: Blogger, "Stats"

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