Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Skier / Douglas E. Williams

The Skier

I climb no more
but rest on ski
upon the summit of the trail
that winds far down;
now I am free
to spread my wings
and swiftly sail
a fleeting figure through the snow
my destination – points below!
I start quite slowly, gather speed,
faster still, I do not heed
the danger of the turns, instead
a thousand thrills pass through my head
I stem a turn, my balance true
and catch my breath but I’m not through,
twisting, dipping, sometimes straight,
the trail leads down, then comes a gate,
and out across a field I glide,
slowing slightly, still I slide
until beside a hedge, I stop

and gaze with wonder
at the top.

Douglas E. Williams
from Spilling Out!, 2007

[All rights reserved by the author - Used with permission]

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  1. Douglas E. Williams grew up in Ottawa, spending much of his youth in the Gatineau Hills. As a young man, he was an accomplished pilot and instructor for the RCAF, Squadron 429. Upon his return from World War 2, he went on to graduate from The University of Guelph, Year ’49, with a Bachelor in Agricultural Science degree.