Saturday, July 26, 2014

Light of Day / George J. Dance

Light of Day

The clouds of heaven roaming whitely by,
exotic beasts across a cyan sky,
black clouds stampeding on the ground – they rule
this sauna world – they dim but do not cool
     & as they pass it blows my mind:
     a silent symphony I find
     when shadows fold & drop away
     into the lemon light of day.

The trees are fountaining: cascades of green
declare their beauty for my dear Maureen;
the green is falling, flooding all the ground,
a verdant sea in which I long to drown
     & as it falls, I want to cry
     to know that all of this will die,
     that everything must wash away
     beneath the liquid light of day.

Her body fits me like a silken glove –
the sun is burning on my back with love –
past life sustains anew life, layer on layer,
while brass of birdsong blows throughout the air
     & as it blows thoughts pass my mind:
     this light outside is hers & mine
     for it will always be this way,
     right here, right now where we will stay
     within the living light of day.

George J. Dance, 2014
from Doggerel and other doggerel, 2015

[All rights reserved - Used with permission]

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