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Penny's Top 100 of 2014

Penny's Top 100
The most-visited poems on  The Penny Blog in 2014:

  1.  Esthetique du Mal, Wallace Stevens
  2.  Penny, or Penny's Hat, George J. Dance
  3.  Last Week in October, Thomas Hardy
  4.  The Blue Heron, Theodore Goodridge Roberts
  5.  Toboggan, Ben King

  6.  Spring Again, George J. Dance
  7.  A City Sunset, T.E. Hulme
  8.  Night (Fall), George J. Dance
  9.  It's September, Edgar Guest
10.  Round the Mercury, George J. Dance

11.  The Reader, Wallace Stevens
12.  Light of Day, George J. Dance
13.  The Bobolinks, Christopher Pearce Cranch
14.  Christmas Song, Bliss Carman
15.  The Pity of the Leaves, Edwin Arlington Robinson

16.  Petit the Poet, Edgar Lee Masters
17.  Crepuscule, E.E. Cummings
18.  The Ancient Game, Alfred Gordon
19.  Demeter's Tears, Michael Pendragon
20.  A Pastoral, George Essex Evans

21.  Chaos in Motion and Not in Motion, Wallace Stevens
22.  In the High Hills, Maxwell Struthers Burt
23.  Sunny March, Norman Gale
24.  Hurrahing in Harvest, Gerard Manley Hopkins
25.  Rejoice this Day, Govinda Krishna Chettur

26.  Spring Longings, F.W. Bourdillon
27.  Spring is like a perhaps hand, E.E. Cummings
28.  Hockey War, David Pekrul
29.  Travel, Edna St. Vincent Millay
30.  Bird Cage, Hector de Saint Denys Garneau

31.  Puella Parvula, Wallace Stevens
32.  The Dwarf, Wallace Stevens
33.  Summer's Farewell, Ella Wheeler Wilcox
34.  Birds of Passage, Peter McArthur
35.  To the Autumnal Moon, Samuel Taylor Coleridge

36.  September, Archibald Lampman
37.  Red Clover, Elaine & Dora Read Goodale
38.  When May paints azure all above, Gertrude Hall
39.  After Loos, Patrick MacGill
40.  Sleeping with Open Eyes, A.Y. Campbell

41.  The Judgement of the May, Richard Watson Dixon
42.  When June is Come, Robert Bridges
43.  To Autumn, John Keats
44.  A Song to Mithras, Rudyard Kipling
45.  Winter on the Zuyder Zee, Radclyffe Hall

46.  Summer Night, Laurence Binyon
47.  April in the Hills, Archibald Lampman
48.  Summer, Mortimer Collins
49.  How like a winter hath my absence been, William Shakespeare
50.  Christmas Eve, Edgar Guest

51.  Ghosts of Uncertainties, Ronald S. Mallari
52.  A Madrigal, Isidore G. Ascher
53.  George Edmund's Song, Charles Dickens
54.  The Poplar in August, Frances Cornford
55.  A May Morning, John Davidson

56.  Canada, Charles G.D. Roberts
57.  Summer Song, William Carlos Williams
58.  War, John Le Gay Brereton
59.  Travelling, William Wordsworth
60.  Puck's Song, Rudyard Kipling

61.  Among the Foot-hills of the Rockies, Mary Electa Adams
62.  July, Lionel Johnson
63.  To the Thawing Wind, Robert Frost
64.  Autumn, John Davidson
65.  Saturday Afternoon in the Garden, Caroline Blanche Elizabeth Lindsay

66.  June, Guy Wetmore Carryl
67.  Spring Posy, Radclyffe Hall
68.  Portrait of Autumn, Thomas Chatterton
69.  An August Wood Road, Charles G.D. Roberts
70.  Gethsemane, Rudyard Kipling

71.  Mad as the Mist and Snow, W.B. Yeats
72.  An April Fool of Long Ago, Jean Blewett
73.  The Roaring Frost, Alice Meynell
74.  The Green Roads, Edward Thomas
75.  Spring, Theo Marzials

76.  The Cold Heaven, W.B. Yeats
77.  Spring's Beacon, Margaret Deland
78.  The birds that sing on autumn eves, Robert Bridges
79.  A Summer Wind, Michael Field
80.  Penny's OS, George J. Dance

81.  Harvest Dust, Winifred Welles
82.  The Farmer's Bride, Charlotte Mew
83.  Love at Easter, Katharine Tynan
84.  Seeking the Spring, Katherine Lee Bates
85.  November Night, Arthur Davison Ficke

86.  Skating, William Wordsworth
87.  In October, Archibald Lampman
88.  In Autumn, Alice Meynell
89.  Spring Among the Ruins, J. Lewis Milligan
90.  Spring Rain, Sara Teasdale

91.  Winter Trees, William Carlos Williams
92.  When on a Summer's Morn, W.H. Davies
93.  When Trees Are Green, Jean Blewett
94.  June Leisure, Bliss Carman
95.  Old Song, Edward FitzGerald

96.  September Midnight, Sara Teasdale
97.  Sheep and Lambs, Katharine Tynan
98.  Summer Holiday, Robinson Jeffers
99.  A Song of the Four Seasons, Austin Dobson
100 The Snowdrift, F.O. Call

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