Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Penny's Top 20 / November 2015

Penny's Top 20
The most-visited poems on  The Penny Blog in November 2015:

  1.  Last Week in October, Thomas Hardy
  2.  Esthetique du Mal, Wallace Stevens 
  3.  Once Like a Light, AE Reiff
  4.  The Falling of the Leaves, W.B. Yeats
  5.  Dirge, Helen Dudley
  6.  Penny, or Penny's Hat, George J. Dance
Feuilles d'Automne, Duncan Campbell Scott
Toward Evening, Margaret DeLaughter
  9.  The Battle of Blenheim, Robert Southey

10.  There's Nothing Like the Sun, Edward Thomas

11.  Pine River Bay, Dorothy Dudley Harvey 
12.  My November Guest, Robert Frost

13.  The night is freezing fast, A.E. Housman
14.  The Ancient Game, Alfred Gordon
War, John Le Gay Brereton
16.  The Dwarf, Wallace Stevens
17.  Lorelei's Song, Heinrich Heine
18.  Vowels, Arthur Rimbaud
19.  Autumn, T.E. Hulme
20.  Wind and Silver, Amy Lowell

Source: Blogger, "Stats"

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