Saturday, May 21, 2016

To the Spring / John Davies

To the Spring

Earth now is green, and heaven is blue,
Lively Spring which makes all new,
Iolly Spring, doth enter;
Sweet young sun-beams do subdue
Angry, agèd Winter.      

Blasts are mild, and seas are calm,
Every meadow flows with balm,
The Earth wears all her riches;
Harmonious birds sing such a psalm,
As ear and heart bewitches.      

Reserve (sweet Spring) this Nymph of ours,
Eternal garlands of thy flowers,
Green garlands never wasting:
In her shall last our state’s fair Spring,
Now and for ever flourishing,      
As long as Heaven is lasting.

Sir John Davies (1570-1626)
from Hymnes of Astraea; in acrostick verse, 1599

[Poem is in the public domain worldwide]

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