Sunday, June 12, 2016

Frayed Page Soaked in Rain / Will Dockery

Frayed Page Soaked in Rain 

In the beginning with this road fever
silver rose for a brief gaudy hour
on the peaks with this frayed page
we parked at the graveyard.

Mugged out summer night
Cody at the wheel
Sweating on the road
in this cool scene
on the moonlit avenue.

Raw, exotic artistry
illiterate poetics at dawn
remember her head on my lap.
Platonic blow job
just making things go right.

This is my extra special
double album of myth.
These are the poems
archetypes of my life.

We spent the summer nights
naked, crazy
ceiling fans.

In the rain at dark
freshly mowed grass on our feet.
The night is somehow chilly for June
out of town
out in the pines.

Will Dockery, 1996
from Hard Return, 1998

[All rights reserved by the author - used with permission]

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