Sunday, January 22, 2017

Inaugural Poem / Richard Oakley

Inaugural Poem

As the cold steel gates close tight with you
On this most auspicious of days,
Regard more than the closed circles of few.
Think of the small man and the wisdom of small ways.

Though we witness witless labors of more,
That would, by decree, bring lower valleys,
We’ll stay humble on dark water's shared shore,
Till the still air clears for fairer seas.

We look to you, lead us past the dark wave;
To our greatest age. Ask us as well
To help you to make this country to have
It’s brightest, most sparkling era of yet. We shall

All unite and show this world our greatest measure:
Men and women, young and old, are our greatest treasure.

Richard Oakley, 2016

[All rights reserved - used with permission]

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