Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Penny's Top 20 / February 2017

Penny's Top 20
The most-visited poems on  The Penny Blog in February 2017:

  1.  The Reader, Wallace Stevens 
  2.  Six O'Clock, Trumbull Stickney
  3.  A Game of Chess, Mortimer Collins
  4.  Sonnet for the 14th of February, Thomas Hood
  5.  To the Same (Philoclea), Robert Potter
  6.  February in Rome, Edmund Gosse
  7.  Esthetique du Mal, Wallace Stevens
  8.  The Housewife: Winter Afternoon, Karle Wilson Baker

  9.  February, Ralph Hodgson

10.  February (Saint Valentine), J. Ashby-Sterry

11.  Canadian Folk-Song, William Wilfred Campbell
Penny, or Penny's Hat, George J. Dance  
13.  The Journey of the Magi, T.S. Eliot
14.  Chaos in Motion and Not in Motion, Wallace Stevens
15.  Portrait, Hector de Saint-Denys Garneau
16.  Evil / Le Mal, Arthur Rimbaud
17.  Men Made out of Words, Wallace Stevens
18.  Bird CageHector de Saint-Denys Garneau 
19.  White Sands Meet the Blue/Green Sea, Jeanne Ames
20. Autumn, T.E. Hulme

Source: Blogger, "Stats"

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