Monday, January 18, 2010

Betty gets some good reviews

I'm happy to report that all of the comments on Betty to date, on both the blog and usenet, have been positive. On rec.arts.poems, longtime usenet poet ray heinrich (one of the original inspirers of the work) said of it, "What a list of colours! Gonna save this for itself". Also on RAP, quirky Christian poet/singer/videographer Christian Knight pronounced it "Quite a catalogue."

Over on us.arts.poetry, David George called Betty "interesting and fun ... actually classic [if you can call it that] postminimalism... "

Here on the blog, anti-poet Obsidian Eagle left some kind words: "You've compiled quite an extensive compendium of colour and I must say I'm impressed. A masterful 'Non-Poem' if ever I encountered one. My black (just plain black) hat goes off to you and I shall return frequently to learn more colour names."

Last but not least, let's not forget Will Dockery, the Poeta Do Shadowville (as his upcoming CD puts it). During the writing, Will was both helpful (he suggested the Betty name) and supportive. On alt.arts.poetry.comments, he's called Betty "pretty amazing work" and "one Hell of a poem." Will also wrote of Betty on alt.arts.poetry: "Not bad, man... you took a very crappy five line piece of nothing and made an epic poem out of it..."

It appears, then, that those who meet Betty tend to like her. All I need now is to find ways to introduce more people to her.


  1. nice job was fun adding a colour or two and watching betty go from child to adult so rapidly...what one can do with a little help from their friends eh?