Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring's Beacon / Margaret Deland

Spring's Beacon

Through the misty woodlands bare,
By the meadows brown and dead,
In the damp and chilly air,
Stand the maples tipped with red;

They are flaring signals bright,
Wav'ring 'gainst the dull, cold sky,
Heralding with ruddy light,
That the cheerful Spring is nigh.

In their kindling, flaming boughs,
Wooing Robins love and sing,
Swearing all their pretty vows,
" By the Beacon of the Spring!"

Crimson on the Robin's breast,
Crimson on the growing tree
Life and Love alike are drest,
Love and Life have come to me.

Crimson on my Love's soft cheeks
Does her sweet, shy thought confess,
When from out her heart she speaks,
To my heart the longed-for " Yes ! "

Margaret Deland
from The Old Garden, and other verses, 1886

[Poem is in the public domain in Canada and the United States]


  1. Would you be another Margaret Deland fan? Since discovering her in October in the used book section of a thrift store, I’ve filled six feet of shelf space with books by (and two about) her.

  2. I'm glad to hear you discovered Deland. There are a lot of great forgotten poets out there whom I think should be rediscovered, which has become the main purpose of the blog. I have only one poem by her blogged, "The Christmas Silence", but I've also added an entry for her on my poetry wiki:, with links to most of her books. I invite you, as someone who probably knows more about her at this point than I or anyone else, to visit there and add information to her article.