Friday, February 3, 2012

Penny's Top 20 - January 2012

The 20 most-visited poems on  The Penny Blog during January 2012:

  1.  Penny (or Penny's Hat), George Dance
  2.  Esthétique du Mal, Wallace Stevens 
  3.  Vowels / Voyelles, Arthur Rimbaud
  4.  The Huron Carol, trans. J. Edgar Middleton
  5.   Lines: The cold earth slept below, Percy Bysshe Shelley

  6.  Last Week in October, Thomas Hardy
  7.  The Book of Wisdom, Stephen Crane
  8.  The Year, Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  9.  Wind and Silver, Amy Lowell
10.  The Old Year, John Clare

11.  A Winter's Tale, D.H. Lawrence
12.  Large Red Man Reading, Wallace Stevens
13.  Songs, Demonspawn
14.  Horatian Ode 1.9. trans. Charles Stuart Calverley
15.  A City Sunset, T.E. Hulme

16.  Ganesha Girl on Rankin, Will Dockery
17.  Lucky Penny, George Dance
18.  The Dwarf, Wallace Stevens
19.  September Night, George Dance 
20.  November, F.W. Harvey

Source: Blogger, "Stats"

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