Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ganesha Girl on Rankin / Will Dockery

Ganesha Girl on Rankin

Jesus' consort
statuesque beauty blindfolded

labia lipped skyscraper built on the spot
built where Lady Katherine lived
the whorehouse grocery
at the edge of Linwood Cemetery.

Old money still spins well
spends well . . .

Northside skyline of many colored glass
Fort Darkness walled in
the giant Temple of Mars visible
from behind the walls, silvery, ancient.

The glittering war machines and masks
not so visible . . .

Ganesha Girl and silver skinned alien
sit with the projector.

Other worlds surround them.
Scattered money all over them.

A pyramid built from colored bells,
clocks and machinery
I can see from on high . . .

A giant housefly feeds on Green Island.

They stand and face West
as Jesus surveys Lee County
from on high.

Jesus' little sidekick
looks so lonely
dressed in Papal robes,
booklet of poems
and a big cross in his arms.

They're aware of the train wreck
near Goat Rock
instruments spilled from the boxcar.

Liquid bubble cube
ancient animal bones
other things, colored ceramic
at Jesus' feet . . .

Jesus prepares to start up
and operate the Holy Machine.

They've turned their backs
on Shadowville
with its bells and jars,
cars, cupid and crowns,
chains, old clocks, an hour glass . . .

Ganesha Girl, happy in her bathing suit
floating on a cloud.

Will Dockery
Shadowville, Georgia, U.S.A.

Poetry, music & art by Will Dockery:

[All rights reserved by the author - Used with permission]

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