Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Knowing / David W. Lewry


Know the voice which calls you

I am life and death when the wind changes,
I am your mother, when
I rid you of the need for her,
your father, when
I destroy your love for him,
I am your brother, once
I rid you of his attachment,
I am your sister, once
I burn your bridge to her,
I am your last friend, once
I've convinced you I am all you need,
when I am triggered -
when I am fed -

I am the noose around your neck,
the buzzing that burns in your veins,
the mask of strength and certainty you wear,
deception by definition,
stealth in every description,
when I am triggered -
when I am fed -

I am the voice which dumbfounds reason and logic, as
I am your reason, your logic,
I am more than I will share, as
I am your everything,
I am your lover,
when I am triggered -
when I am fed -

I let you think I've left you,
I let you imagine a world without me,
I give you time to forget, while
I hone my craft and sharpen knives, while
I grow stronger and train,
I wait for memories to fade, as
I know they will,
I know you can hardly wait, for the moment
when I am triggered -
when I'll be fed -

I am your life and death,
your will,
your desire,
your lust,
your depth,
I am your addiction.

David W. Lewry
Alberta, Canada

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[All rights reserved by the author - Used with permission]

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