Monday, April 19, 2010

4 poems / Tom Hendricks

Proud Words
(After Carl Sandberg's poem Primer Lesson)

Proud words,
wooden soldiers,
wound up tight,
can't stop marching,

trip and fall,
stiff and rigid,
can't get up,
can't stop marching,


He owned a jacket
with a thousand tears.
Each of his friends
sewed up a seam.
A jacket of friendship
that he'd wear
in good times or lean.

The Minister of Tea and Salt

I am the Minister of Tea and Salt.
You bow down to me or you get naught.
A potentate most exalted
with bags of tea and rocks, salted.
Bring your bland food and bring your water.
See if I'll grant you one or the other.
I am the Minister of Salt and Tea.
You want to advance you go through me!

The Master Physicist (Creation Myth)

The Master Physicist set down the ground rules,
3 pages of equations that looked like ant trails
etched on gold, hammered-thin paper.
He wadded it up. Threw it out and away
where it began to float, and inflate
until it blew out all sides of the box
an indescribable explosion
and the universe raced out into every void
and escaping night was overtaken by
the newly created, advancing, first light!

Tom Hendricks
Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

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