Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nebula / Desi Di Nardo


Is it strange to find the hawks circling
The elder tree where the air lies in fragrance
Lush and musty and sensual

Would we contemplate a day in the country
If time is no longer of consequence
But a constant beat like a shorebird’s feathers

Is it vital to search for spaces
The contours of light
In the unnamed wilderness

Would we look instead of touch
The saplings and fruits and flowers
When faith is of no more substance

We strain for a mouthful of sound
A gulp of wisdom
Implanted by airborne insects

We stay up all night listening
With the ears of mindful animals
And learn to fly from one realm to another

Desi Di Nardo
Ontario, Canada
from The Cure is a Forest, 2011
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[All rights reserved by the author - Used with permission]

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  1. BIO: Desi Di Nardo has been published in many international journals and anthologies, performed at the National Arts Centre, featured on Toronto's transit system, and displayed in the Official Residences of Canada. Her work has been translated into several languages, studied in schools across Canada, and printed on Starbucks cups. She has worked as a writer-in-residence, literacy facilitator, and English professor. Desi is the author of The Plural of Some Things published by Guernica Editions. “Nebula” is from her upcoming collection of poetry. Visit