Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who Was Here First? / David George

Who Was Here First?

First of all it was the moa
and after them the mighty toa
of Rapuwai and of Waitaha
strong amongst the hills so maha. 

The settlers brought the hipi
while the Maori dined on pipi; 
the miners tore out the maunga
too flat out to seek their taanga.

Seek again the hills so tapu
for every clan and hapu
seeking out your own maarama --
build a brand new Hiruhaarama.

R a w i r i.

moa - huge flightless bird.
toa - warrior
Rapuwai, Waitaha - early tribes
maha - many
hipi - sheep
pipi - shell fish
maunga - mountains
taanga - identity
tapu - sacred
hapu - clan
maarama - understanding
Hiruharaama - Jerusalem
Rawiri - David

David George 
Te Waipounamu [South Island],  New Zealand.

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[All rights reserved by the author - Used with permission]

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