Monday, May 31, 2010

Penny's Top 30 - April 2010

Sitemeter, the service that  tracks The Betty Blog's readership, tells me the blog has had 1,100 visitors since it began using the service in March. It also says there have been just over 5,350 page views  in that time. Unfortunately, the free version of  Sitemeter (the one used here for now) does not tell how many views were received by individual pages. Similarly, google Adsense gives the total number of page impressions since it was begun in January (7,100), but not how much any one page received. Any information on that has to be gleaned elsewhere.

TheBestLinks, another free service TBB uses, allows readers to subscribe and be notified whenever the blog is updated. This is not a service I recommend. I think one gets the same service by becoming a blog Follower using Google Friend Connect; and I would encourage readers to use the latter instead. As well, I have no direct knowledge of BestLinks, and do not know what (if any) other uses they have for the email addresses they collect. Still I advertise TheBestLinks service because, in return, it gives limited data on individual page views for TBB. Not complete information; only the number of views for "Last Day," "Last Week," and "Last Month." But partial information is better than none.

Today I was rereading the BestLinks report and thinking it a pity that the March data is no longer available. Then it struck me that the current "Last Month" data will also become unavailable in just a few days' time. Accordingly, I decided to archive it. Not without some reservations -- it is trivia I doubt that many readers will want to see -- but it does interest me; and I had to ask myself: What is the point of maintaining my own blog if I can't post what I want on it? ...

Update: I've since added links to the poems and omitted the non-poems from the list, to make this consistent with the "Penny's Top 20" format. But I've left the numbers on here, as (this being the best month the blog has ever had), I thought they looked pretty impressive.

The non-poem posts or pages I omitted were: Home page, 942; "Poetry and verse archive" page, 476; "Submit your poem here" page, 34;  "Buying Betty" page, 27)

1.   Ganesha Girl on Rankin, Will Dockery                                      92
2.   Large Red Man Reading, Wallace Stevens                                66
3.   A Meadow in Spring, Tom Bishop                                                58
4.   baguette David Rutkowski                                                            55
5.   Mars & Avril, George Dance                                                           44

6.   4 poems, Tom Hendricks                                                                 40
7.  You Are My Thorn, Kasia Lachowska                                         40
8.   March, George Dance                                                                        40
9.   White Sands Meet the Blue/Green Sea, Jeanne Ames          35
10. Jumbo Park, Stuart Leichter                                                          34

11. portrait, Shaun Hull                                                                           33
12. Threat, R.K. Singh                                                                               33
13. The Weary Man, Crystal Matteau                                                29
14. concrete, ray heinrich                                                                   28
15. Plow Sharing, Hieronymous707                                                 28

16. The Smoker, nounofme                                                                    27
17. Maui '70, Matt E.                                                                                26
18. NebulaDesi DiNardo                                                                       26
19. Prison, Dave Holloway                                                                    24
20. Penny, George Dance                                                                        24

21. Who Was Here First?, David George                                            24
22. Principia PoeticaObsidian Eagle                                                22
23. Sticky Sweaty, rickthecockroach                                                22
24. Hero, Maureen Dance                                                                      21
25. The Whitening, James D. Senetto                                                21

26. Sonny Rollins, Adam Lynn                                                           19
27. In the Garden, George Dance                                                       19
28. Fuji-san, George Dance                                                                   18
29. News, AE Reiff                                                                                      16
30. Haiku and triolet, R.S. Mallari                                                      15

Source: The Best Links. Web. May 31, 2010.

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